My Flat Packs

Shelf & Bookcase Assembly

Shelving units are a convenient and easy way to save space in the home. They range from plain wood planks to complex and stylish shapes (see the Chiltern bookcases for an idea). My Flat Packs take your shelves from their box and work our magic; in no time you’ll have secure, flush and finished shelves ready to host your best ornaments and books.

Flat Pack Shelf Retailers

See our banner below for a list of familiar retailers, all of whom provide good quality flat pack shelves in the city. Besides this, London has a wide range of small businesses, artisan shops and vintage furniture stores that offer bespoke shelving furniture. If you need bespoke shelves mounted to the wall - we’re the ones to call.

Bookcase Assembly

Sometimes one shelf isn’t enough; what’s needed is a multi-tiered bookcase to neatly store your items. Like many large pieces of furniture, bookcases often come flat packed to save heavy lifting up stairs and through doorways. No matter how big a job, we will happily assist you in getting these items up quickly and safely. The price of our service is far outweighed by the time and stress saved of assembling a heavy bookcase yourself!

Our Service

We will arrive with all the tools needed for the job - screwdriver, hammer, spirit level and more. All you need to prepare is the complete shelving unit (with its parts and instructions) and ensure the space around the wall is free of obstruction.