My Flat Packs

Habitat Furniture Assembly

With multiple branches across London, Habitat sell a wide range of flat pack home furniture. This includes TV units, multi-purpose console tables and large wooden shelving units that are perfect for showing off your best ornaments. Besides this, they also boast a wide range of beds, wardrobes, office items and garden sheds. Like all the furniture retailers in London, Habitat products are familiar territory to us. Just say the word, and My Flat Packs will come and assemble the goods for you.

The Habitat Ranges

The Habitat MAX series are premium space savers. Made with ornate oak wood, they add a bit of Japanese-style geometry to the home. Made of many dozens of wooden slats, the MAX series are quite difficult for flat pack novices to handle. If you’ve just bought the Habitat storage trunk, AV unit or indeed anything in the MAX series, give My Flat Packs a call to arrange a speedy and professional setup for your furniture.

Elsewhere in the premium furniture range, we also assemble the Rowan series of drawers, the Fleur 8 drawer cabinet and Radius tall chest. These are all premium furniture, designed for long-term use and enjoyment in the home. It stands to reason that such high quality furniture requires careful assembly. My Flat Packs ensures your money is well spent by assembling items by the book. You’ll have brochure-quality furniture in the home that can be enjoyed for years.

If you’d like a specific price quote on assembling Habitat furniture, get in touch on 020 7118 9989, or by filling in our online contact form. Be sure to include your product code and availability so we can match your request with the appropriate time and price. For those who cannot book time off to oversee the assembly, it’s worth bearing in mind that we work evenings and weekends to accommodate your schedules. What’s easy for you is best for us.